Employability 45 +

Coach for 45+ on the job

In addition to matching candidates and companies, 45 Plus also accompanies your experienced employees within your company.

Work versus workable’ is a very important concern and focus to keep experienced and passionate staff on board with their ambition.


Where could 45 Plus make a tangible difference in your company?

+ Enthusiasm: through a test, we measure the passion, the future vision and the interests of the experienced staff. On basis of the individual results, we offer a professional and individual support for each of your employees and the team.

+ Sensitization: Through targeted 'start to 45' training we are not only trying to raise awareness but we also focus on the strength and value of experienced employees in the workplace. Employers and employees are offered practical assistance to ‘improve’ the 45 +.

+ Assistance: When 45+ has specific questions or needs about being at work, when suffering from stress, bore- of burn out, 45 Plus can provide professional support by recognized specialists.

+ Mentoring: 45 Plus offers specific guidance for experienced employees who opt to take on a new role as a mentor to starters and young employees within the organization. Knowledge management and sharing, coaching and communication are central to the approach.

Employability 45 +

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