Bert Callebaut

After a career of 18 years as a Physical Therapist and based on his social conscience and interest, Bert Callebaut joined the HR world in a more commercial environment: Human Interest Meets Business.

As HR Manager in various ICT consulting companies, he gained a broad generalist experience within the HR profession. Because of this he was able to build an extensive network of contacts within various industries and companies.

Communication, especially when listening and understanding prevail, remains the stimulus for solving problems and answering questions, from a pragmatic approach.

Bert is highly service oriented and always trying to keep overview. As a negotiator, team player and creative mind, he always tries to provide the best solution for all parties.

After more than 30 years of experience he seeks to align his expertise and his experience in recruitment and selection, career coaching, business changes, and much more with the aspirations and needs of people and business to guide it towards a hand-in- hand approach.

Bert Callebaut

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