45 Plus

Who is 45 Plus?

45 Plus has emerged from the experience of 3 driven 'matching partners' with a heart for people, a sense for business and an open mind for the needs and the necessities of our clients and candidates.

+ Geert Serneels

+ Patrick Collignon

+ Bert Callebaut

Who are the Matching Partners? Click here

Experts 45 Plus: Annita Rogier Peter Monsieurs, Francis Laleman and Christine Vloeberghs.

Preferred Partner: SeniorFlex represents and promotes the interests of the labor 45+ in Belgium and France.


What’s our mission?  

45 Plus wants to be the reference as 'matching partner’ between organizations and candidates with expertise, maturity and experience (45 +).

Next to matching, it is the target of 45 Plus to sensitize the business world towards flexible enabling of experienced staff and to provide concrete accompaniment to people over 45 on the job.

Why 45 Plus?

As a mediator, 45 Plus wants to deliver an active contribution to promote and accompany 45+ consultants in the labor market for three reasons:

1. Structurally changing labor market

  • We will all work longer (up to 67)
  • Greater flexibility (for both employer and employee)
  • A more project-based approach instead of open-ended employment contracts
  • A need for external expertise

2. 45+ feels misunderstood

  • Lots of prejudices coming from within the companies (age, too expensive, inflexible, motivation, absenteeism)
  • Insufficient fit with "young recruiters" (often starter function within HR)
  • Lack of alignment of mutual expectations (business development >< employee)
  • Work versus workable ( based on passion, experience and/or interests)

3. Mentality screening for 45+

  • An open mind from the 45+ towards the changing labor market
  • Being open to status change (‘exit’ indefinite contract)
45 Plus

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